Why choose BCE?

I set Bowden Consulting Engineers up in 2012 having spent my career in the construction industry, latterly as a Project Manager for an international heavy lift civil engineering contractor, responsible for operational projects around the globe.

During this time, I continued undertaking private schemes for friends and family and soon ran out of people who would not sue me if things went wrong – the need for professional indemnity required a business and hence Bowden Consulting Engineers was born!

The practice was actually set up in a snow bound hotel room in Padua, Italy and originally was envisaged as working throughout the East Midlands area.   However, it soon became apparent that there was more than enough work in the South Leicester, North Northamptonshire area and my globe-trotting days were over.  Nowadays I rarely travels further than my old commute to the office which means I can offer a local service and address promptly any issues that arise on site.

The aim of the practice is to offer practical and economical structural services to nearby Architects, Builders and Developers, primarily providing support to the domestic sector. 

In 2019, whilst preparing a presentation on the practice I undertook a search of common words and phrases in his directory and discovered that nearly 70% of Bowden Consulting Engineers jobs involve the removal of the wall between the kitchen and adjoining room.  I have come to terms with this moment of epiphany and employ the same level of enthusiasm to other rooms in the house.

Once described as an intuitive engineer, I often find myself saying that there is a frustrated architect in me as I enjoy playing an active part of the design of a project.   I see Bowden Consulting Engineers role as working with Architects and Builders to assist in helping create the Clients vision and look forward to the next challenge presented to me. 

This support includes loft conversions to provide additional bedrooms, new garden rooms with bi-fold door openings to bring the outside in and enabling the removal of a load bearing wall between the kitchen and the dining room.  More recently the practice has been involved in works to enable more convenient home working.

With over 30 years of experience, Gary will bring an innovative approach to any project, providing creative solutions to the most challenging structural engineering tasks.